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  • CARE Fertility London has many fertility ‘world firsts’.
  • CARE scientists and clinicians lead the field with their dedication to research and development. Our current work on time lapse imaging and artificial intelligence is a key reason for our scientific leaders being invited to present on the international stage. 
  • CARE FERTILITY leads in training of specialist staff. We have been responsible for the highest proportion of graduates from the scientist training program (STP), outside of the NHS, for several years. We have a dedicated training facility and have number of a PhD students.
  • care fertility manchester We have established a Masters degree in clinical embryology in collaboration with Liverpool John Moore’s University.

Results for individual CARE clinics

CARE Fertility London Going through fertility treatment can be exhausting and, at times, stressful. You need clarity of information on things like costs and success rates. You also need to know that the clinic team will give you all the support you need at every stage of your journey and that the treatment you receive will be designed around your individual needs. 

Making the right decision when choosing a clinic can make a huge difference, and our teams across CARE are all committed to helping you achieve your dreams of starting a family. 

When you look at success rates, it is good to remember that they can have their limitations when you compare them with your own experiences or diagnosis. 

Various things can affect success rates, such as: care fertility manchester

  • the type of patients treated at the clinic (their age, the cause of their infertility, how long they’ve been infertile)
  • the treatment that the clinic can provide 
  • the clinic’s treatment practices 

Whilst some clinics may turn away patients with serious fertility problems because these patients may lower their success rates, the CARE team want to help everyone: we believe Family is for Everyone. care fertility manchester

Results at some CARE clinics are amongst the highest in the UK. If you have not had success with other fertility treatments or doctors, our teams may be able to help you.

How much does IVF cost?

The cost of IVF is generally in the range of £5,000 – £8,000. This will typically include your initial consult, any blood tests and fertility assessments you need, IVF (including monitoring, egg collection, embryo culture and transfer), and possibly frozen embryo transfers if required.

When you have your first consultation at CARE, we will provide you with a tailored treatment plan including a breakdown of all estimated costs. To give you some idea of treatment costs you can use the IVF clinic prices detailed below as a guide; prices can vary between clinics, so if you would like a full breakdown of IVF costs in our UK clinics, please click on one of the links to our clinic price lists at the bottom of the page.

We know that when you realise you need IVF there are a number of things to consider, and the cost of your treatment is one of the key things to think about. To help make your fertility treatment costs easier to manage, we have designed CAREpay which offers a range of funding packages designed to meet the individual needs of our patients.

At CARE Fertility London we deliver truly exceptional patient care, our dedicated teams are on hand to support you at every stage of your fertility journey

When it comes to fertility and IVF treatment, you’re in expert hands with CARE Fertility. Our Leeds clinic team can provide you world class advice and care, whether you’re considering fertility treatment for the first time or you have previously had IVF. We’ll always support you with care and treatment which has been designed for your individual needs.

Our skilled and caring team offer you the best of internationally renowned fertility expertise and technology in an environment that supports your physical, emotional and financial needs. They always make decisions based on what is best for you as an individual.

Our specialties

IVF – In vitro fertilisation combines an egg with sperm outside of the body, improving the chance of conception. The teams at CARE Fertility have consistently delivered high success rates for over 30 years. Over 50,000 CARE babies have been born so far.

CAREmaps – Using time-lapse imaging, CAREmaps can help select the embryos which have the best chance of resulting in a healthy baby. CAREmaps is unique to CARE Fertility

Genetic testing – We offer reproductive genetic testing options for the entire reproductive pathway

Donation programme – Our donation team are specialists in IVF with donor eggs, with all our donors based in the UK and treatments adhering to HFEA regulations. 

Recurrent implantation failure screening – If you experience a miscarriage or implantation failure, our screening can investigate whether there are hormonal, blood clotting, immune system, or genetic issues.

IVF: What happens at egg collection? – Your IVF Journey | CARE Fertility

List of care fertility in UK : Best fertility clinic in UK

CARE Fertility London

CARE Fertility Leeds

CARE Fertility Manchester

CARE Fertility Nottingham

CARE Fertility Birmingham

CARE Fertility Sheffield

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CARE Fertility Bath

CARE Fertility Chester

CARE Fertility Tunbridge Wells

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CARE Fertility Leicester

We know that when you’re thinking about IVF, success rates are one of the key pieces of information you need. Understanding success rates can be a challenge and fertility clinics present their success rates in many different ways. We think one of the most useful and simple ways to present success is the birth per egg collection rate. 

This is because it provides patients with their chance of a birth within two years of one egg collection, and course of treatment. This can include a fresh and a number of frozen transfers of embryos all created from the egg collection. 

Birth per egg collection results are published on the HFEA website and are taken from the most recent verified data available for all UK clinics from egg collections during 2016 and embryo transfers within 2 years.  

To achieve high success rates we develop a personalised fertility treatment plan for you based on your medical history, test results and which treatment which will give you your greatest chance of success. We have the expertise, range of treatments and the dedication to help you have a baby.

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