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Aveya IVF & Fertility Centre-best ivf center in rajouri garden
Aveya IVF & Fertility Centre

Aveya IVF Centre Delhi – Aveya fertility centre in Delhi

Dr. Nisha Bhatnagar – Aveya IVF centre Delhi and best ivf center in rajouri garden is a renowned infertility centre that specializes in delivering successful fertility treatments at the forefront of innovative artificial reproductive technology.

It has positioned itself consistently as the best IVF centre in Delhi over the years by upholding world class standards for intrauterine insemination, in vitro fertilization, intra cytoplasmic sperm injection, natural cycle IVF, minimal stimulation IVF and injection-free IVF.

The team of Aveya IVF centre experts at Aveya IVF in Delhi includes exceptional professionals such as consultant fertility specialists, sonographers, embryologists, nurses and counselors who work together to provide the highest quality treatment to couples seeking parenthood in the most caring and nurturing environment possible.

The infertility centre boasts of all the latest equipment and technologies that are designed to provide the most effective treatments in response to infertility problems faced by childless couples.

The clinic can be accessed easily by all forms of transportation in Delhi and is led by a team of experienced professionals who are dedicated towards providing state of the art, innovative fertility solutions while imposing the least amount of stress on your wellbeing.

Why Choose Aveya IVF Centre in Delhi – best ivf center in rajouri garden

Aveya infertility centre offers unmatched care and support for its patients through all stages of the fertility treatment cycle, which, along with its track record of very high IVF success rates in a very short period of time, has made it a primary choice of couples seeking fertility treatment in Delhi.

The professional team of doctors, embryologists and fertility consultants at the Aveya IVF Centre in Delhi will help you choose the most suitable fertility treatment to address and overcome your particular complication.

The infertility centre has made itself the top choice for couples seeking parenthood, particularly specializing in low and no drug infertility solutions that assist women in conceiving a baby regardless of the severity of the complication.

At the infertility centre, the team of professional treatment providers carry out extensive artificial reproductive technology procedures with a strong belief in the importance of treating couples in a holistic and intimate manner.

The most advantageous fact about Aveya IVF Centre in Delhi is that its head of fertility operations and the most senior consultant Dr. Nisha Bhatnagar is available at the centre throughout the duration of the IVF treatment cycle to provide advice and consultations to all patients regardless of the stage of the treatment.

If your aim is to begin a family or you want to preserve your fertility for the future, Aveya IVF centre in Delhi will be there for you every step of your journey to parenthood.

We are helping people who are:

Couples Who Cannot Conceive Naturally
Couples facing Secondary Infertiliity
Men With Fertility Issues
Female with Fertility Issues
Couples With Recurrent Pregnancy Losses
Couples Carrying Genetically Inherited Disorders
Patients Who Want to Preserve Their Eggs
Women Who Want to Freeze Their Eggs

Aveya IVF center :

Aveya IVF center Rajouri Garden, New Delhi

 B-8, Vishal Enclave, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi – 110027

Aveya IVF center Noida, Uttar Pradesh

 P-15, 4th Floor, Sector 18, Noida, up – 201301

Aveya IVF center Maharshi Karve Road, Mumbai

 Pathare Kshatriya Mangalwadi Karyalaya, Building No.29-E Maharshi Karve Road, Mumbai – 400021

Aveya IVF center Siliguri, West Bengal

 3rd Floor, Orchid Building, near Check Post Sevoke Road, Siliguri – 734001

Surrogacy Cost in India :

Surrogacy costs vary a lot depending on your medical conditions and various other factors. In India Cost of Surrogacy usually ranges from Rs.10 Lacs to Rs. 18 Lacs approx, but At Aveya, We believe in complete transparency and affordable treatments. Surrogacy cost at Aveya is simplified, and we offer 2 types of surrogacy packages at Rs. 8.5 Lac and Rs. 12.5 Lac. You can also ask for financing options on the Surrogacy package :

Affordable Silver Plan – 8.5 Lac

  • Goal oriented, pay as you go policy (up to 4 Installments)
  • IVF (Self or donor) – Stimulation, pick-up, ICSI, embryo freezing and up to 2 attempts of embryo transfer
  • ‘Supervised maternity care’ up to delivery (scans, medicines and Dr consults)
  • Screening, selection and preparation of surrogate
  • Legal contracts – between Intending parents – Aveya, Intending parents – surrogate

Multi-attempt Gold Plan – 12.5 Lac

  • Goal oriented, pay as you go policy (up to 4 Installments)
  • Up to 5 attempts – Stimulation (1 self and multiple donors), pick-up, ICSI, embryo freezing and transfer
  • ‘Supervised maternity care’ up to delivery (scans, medicines and Dr consults)
  • Screening, selection and preparation of surrogate
  • Legal contracts  – between Intending parents – Aveya, Intending parents – surrogate

Dr. Nisha Bhatnagar – IVF Specialist in Delhi

Dr. Nisha Bhatnagar-best ivf center in rajouri garden
Dr. Nisha Bhatnagar

Dr. Nisha Bhatnagar : Aveya IVF Centre Delhi II Best IVF center in Delhi

Dr. Nisha Bhatnagar and Aveya IVF Centre Delhi has done her post graduation (M.D. Obs & Gynae) from G.M.C. Aurangabad (B.R.A.M. University, Maharashtra). She is an experienced Obstetrician & Gynecologist with over 20 years of experience in the discipline. She specialises in low and no-drug infertility solutions that help women conceive with minimal invasiveness and unparalleled success. She offers holistic approaches to IVF, including innovative treatments like Natural Cycle IVF, Minimal Stimulation IVF and Injection-Free IVF.

Dr. Nisha Bhatnagar is one of the Best IVF Specialist in Delhi with High IVF Success Rates.

Her unique approach while treating infertility also includes holistic approach to infertility combining lifestyle modification, special exercises including yoga and effective individualized counselling with customized treatment protocols. Her personalized and warm methods of treatment gives immense patient satisfaction. She gives very honest advice about the procedure required as per ethical medical considerations.

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IVF Success Stories : best ivf center in rajouri garden & Best IVF center in Delhi

I must say it was worth the visit to Aveya clinic and to consult with Dr. Nisha Bhatnagar, who is a virtues personality and great mentor to attend and solve all the issues of the patient, very friendly and calm in nature.

Dr. Nisha, is an excellent medical professional, her profile, service tenure and qualifications speaks more than my review. Aveya IVF & Fertility Centre, brought us world class facility, equipped with all latest technology to get accurate and precise results.

Our experience was remarkable and we wish to visit again for consultation whenever required, we would highly recommended couples who want/seek their bundle of joy to visit Aveya IVF & Fertility Centre.

Great Service, Good ambience of clinic, matching all standard of international guidelines, sizable and equipped pharmacy, excellent infrastructure.
Good and friendly staff who serve the patients like a family member, registration procedure was also very simple and friendly.

Thank you Dr. Nisha Bhatnagar and entire team of Aveya IVF & Fertility Centre, hope to see you again.

Our Professional Team :

Dr. Anuja Choudhary – SR IVF CONSULTANT

Dr. Payal Bajaj – SR. IVF CONSULTANT

Dr Shraddha Tripathi – SR IVF CONSULTANT



Dr Poonam Mishra -Sr IVF Consultant

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