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Baby’s immune system is strengthening

10 Ways to Boost the Immune System: As a mom, you not only have to keep yourself healthy, but you are responsible for your little one’s health as well.  While germs and illness are not completely avoidable, you can take preventative action by boosting the immune system to handle any incoming threats. If your little...

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Baby-to-be is adding fat tissue and gaining weight

When a drop in weight is a concern Poor weight gain is a common problem for many children. It’s typically noticed by a parent, caregiver or primary physician who either sees the child isn’t growing well or their weight gain deviates from an expected growth pattern. When that weight trend is poor, doctors may consider the child to be “malnourished”...

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Baby’s lower limbs are now well-developed

Baby’s lower limbs are now well-developed Your baby’s movements start with uncoordinated flutters between 7 and 8 weeks of pregnancy, and progress to flips, jabs, and kicks in the second and third trimesters. You’ll probably begin to feel these movements between 16 and 22 weeks, and they may be strong enough for others to feel through...

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