The causes of male infertility II Male infertility treatment

The causes of male infertility
The causes of male infertility

The causes of male infertility II Male infertility treatment

There are many  causes of  male infertility , as it can be the result of harmful habits, as well as being present from childhood. Let’s better understand what  male infertility is  before concluding why it happens Male infertility treatment.

Male  infertility treatment  is a problem that can affect many men throughout their lives. According to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine  (ASRM), infertility is considered to be  any difficulty in having children , after one year of attempts, without the use of any contraceptive method.

It turns out that infertility is linked to the functioning of the male genital system – penis and testicles, which are responsible for transporting and producing sperm. In addition, this gland is also important to know the health of other structures and glands involved in this process, such as the hypothalamus and pituitary gland, for example.

Therefore, several aspects are involved in  Male  infertility treatment , let’s know the  main causes  and how to identify them?

What are the main causes of male infertility?

There are several  factors that cause male infertility  and, therefore, it is very important to be aware of each of them. In this way, it is possible not only to prevent but also to treat the problem as soon as possible.

Unlike women, age is not such an impacting factor for the cause of infertility, however, it must be taken into account, since  aging in men can affect fertility 


Male infertility treatment in delhi
Male infertility treatment in delhi

Know the other factors.


Characterized as a contagious viral infection,  mumps  affects the nervous gland tissue of the human body, being more common in the parotid, submandibular and sublingual glands, close to the ear.

In the case of men, in addition to the saliva-producing glands, mumps can also reach the testicles, compromising sperm production, which contributes to  male infertility .

The disease is very common in childhood and can be easily avoided with the administration of vaccines.

Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)

Unresolved infections in the male reproductive system can also progress and cause infertility . Generally, in some infections, the urethra and structures such as the epididymis and testicle can be severely compromised.

In this way, some Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) can be the causes of these infections, such as:

The treatment for each of these diseases can vary, however, the best cure is prevention. Therefore, it is recommended to use condoms during all sexual intercourse and keep preventive exams up to date.

varicocele in male

Known as  one of the main causes of male infertility , varicocele  happens when the testicular veins become dilated, which, depending on the case, can compromise the quality of the semen and develop infertility.

However, not all men who go through the disease become infertile, and when it happens, it is possible to reverse the condition through a surgical procedure as long as it is performed before 35 years of age.

External factors

There are some external factors that can contribute to  male infertility as they interfere with semen quality and sperm production.

The following are favorable conditions for infertility:

  • excessive heat;
  • handling organic solvents;
  • contact with heavy metals;
  • excessive physical activity.

However, if it is not possible to avoid these factors, it is possible to  freeze the semen  to have children in the future, if this is the patient’s wish.

harmful habits

Some harmful habits can also cause  male infertility . These are some of them:

  • smoking ;
  • excessive use of  alcoholic beverages ;
  • drug use .


Accidents or trauma can imply the need for surgery on the reproductive system and, depending on the situation, cause infertility.

azoospermia and male infertility treatment in delhi

Azoospermia  happens  when a man ejaculates but  there are no sperm in the sample . Therefore, when there is this condition, it is important to check if the problem is the testes that do not produce sperm or if there is a blockage or non-existence of the ejaculatory ducts.

These ducts are responsible for blocking the passage of sperm directly to the sperm that will be ejaculated. Therefore, it is essential to seek medical help, as a urologist will be able to investigate and diagnose this problem.

Hormonal changes

If there is a change in certain male hormones, it may cause infertility. Are they:

  • follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), which stimulates sperm production;
  • the luteinizing hormone (LH), which incites the production of testosterone and thus preserves libido and erection.

For this reason, male hormone levels directly affect sperm production and should be evaluated whenever there is a change in the spermogram.


Cancer patients may suffer from infertility due to cancer treatment. In addition, a  tumor in the testicle  can trigger changes in seminal parameters, influencing infertility.


Diabetes is a disease that occurs when the body does not produce insulin or is unable to properly use the insulin it produces.

This disease can be one of the  causes of male infertility , as it affects the body’s hormonal system, reducing testosterone levels and interfering with the maturation of a man’s reproductive cells. In addition, diabetes can cause retrograde ejaculation, in which case the spermatozoa instead of leaving the urethra go to the bladder.

In some cases, diabetes can be controlled through a balanced diet and physical activity. However, depending on the results of the tests, it is necessary to administer insulin and medication, according to medical advice.

idiopathic infertility

In this specific case, the  cause of infertility cannot be diagnosed , all that is known is that a man cannot get a woman pregnant. For these situations, it is possible to perform Reproduction Assisted  by  In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) .

How to investigate the causes of male infertility?

As seen, there are several  causes for male infertility . Therefore, from the observation of infertility, it is important to find out what is affecting the problem so that the best treatment is indicated.

In this evaluation, it is essential that the patient pays attention to detailing some important information, such as:

  • history  of childhood and puberty, to current sexual history;
  • diseases , infections and surgeries that the patient has gone through will be addressed  ;
  • it will be important to clarify the possible exposure  of  patients to certain agents such as alcohol, radiation, chemotherapy and steroid use;
  • verify the presence of a previous  fertility test and male infertility treatments  ;
  • a  physical examination  should be performed to assess the patient’s height and weight, as well as the distribution of muscle and fat throughout the body;
  • there will be  inspection  of the skin and hair, as well as a visual examination of the genitalia;
  • the doctor will pay special attention to  symptoms  that indicate a deficiency in testosterone, the hormone directly responsible for sexual function and fertility, which manifest as loss of hair on the face and body, in addition to a decrease in the size of the testicles.

All this information must be clarified to the specialist during the consultation for a better evaluation. In this way, the doctor can seek not only to know the cause of the problem, but also to indicate the best forms of treatment and solution.

Complementary tests that evaluate male infertility treatments

In addition to the clinical investigation mentioned above, it is important for men to carry out  additional assessments  to understand infertility. These evaluations are defined by a series of exams requested by the professional for better detailing of the problem.

Some of the additional tests are:


A  spermogram  must be performed so that a detailed semen analysis can be done. It is during this analysis that a sperm count and motility will be investigated, which is the primary factor in the assessment of male infertility.

In addition, this exam can provide important information about the amount, volume and viscosity of the semen, as well as other aspects, such as sperm morphology.

Blood test for male infertility treatment

Blood  tests  provide information about hormones that play a role in male fertility. So if the sperm concentration is low or the doctor suspects a hormonal problem, additional blood tests will be ordered.

These tests will serve, above all, to identify the level of total testosterone, luteinizing hormone (LH), follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and prolactin, which is the hormone produced by the pituitary gland.

It is important to note that, if necessary, other tests may also be requested to specify the cause of infertility.

Other tests for male infertility treatment

If there is a suspicion of a blockage in the reproductive tract, either in the epididymis or the vas deferens, it is possible that the specialist will order an ultrasound . The doctor may also order a post-ejaculation urine sample if retrograde ejaculation is suspected.

Finally, if no sperm were analyzed in the semen sample, a  testicular biopsy or puncture may be suggested . This biopsy consists of removing sperm from inside the testicle for better analysis.

Consult an expert

If there are suspicions about  a couple’s infertility , it is important, first of all, to seek a  specialized reproduction clinic  with reliable professionals.

Receiving the diagnosis of infertility is not always easy, it is common to have feelings of guilt and low self-esteem, however, there is treatment. There are many options to resort to after diagnosis, as well as specific treatments that make it possible for a man to have children.

For this reason, we created a  free e-book  that has all the treatments for infertility, as well as the best way to use them. It is worth remembering that nothing replaces consulting a specialist, however, knowing the causes of male infertility can be of great help to avoid the problem.

Download our e-book “ Male Infertility: Causes and Solutions ” and understand more about it!

Remember that any  treatment for infertility  needs to be done in an assisted reproduction clinic, with trained professionals who are experts in performing these procedures.

Have a question about male infertility? Get in touch with our team!

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