BabyScience IVF Clinics – Best IVF center in Delhi & NCR

BabyScience IVF Clinics – Best IVF center in Delhi & NCR

BabyScience IVF Clinics is the best IVF center where we have helped thousands of couples achieve the miracles of their fatherhood.

We are one of the most affordable and advanced IVF centers in India. We provide safe and ethical fertility treatments with compassion and empathy to childless couples in their journey of having a child. It offers a complete range of services related to infertility treatments, from fertility tests and assessments, psychological counseling, ovarian stimulation, and preconception tests to procedures like IUI, IVF, Surrogacy, Female Infertility, Male Infertility, Laparoscopy, Hysteroscopy, Genetics, PGT -A and Oocyte Freezing (Egg/Sperm Freezing).

BabyScience IVF Clinics also offers cutting-edge ART technology, including but not limited to:

  • Vitrification for the preservation of oocytes and embryos
  • ERA (Endometrial Receptivity Array)
  • ISO 5 Cleanroom
  • G210 benchtop incubator
  • RI Integra 3
  • Stereozoom SMZ 800 Nikon Microscope
  • RI witness system

We follow a customized approach for each patient to enhance the clinical pregnancy outcomes and improve the success rates of the treatment.

BabyScience IVF Clinics is also equipped to provide services like

  • ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection)
  • TESA (Testicular Sperm Aspiration)
  • PESA (Percutaneous Epididymal Sperm Aspiration)
  • Micro-TESE (Microscopic testicular sperm extraction)

while maintaining highest standards of quality, protocols, and government regulations in India.

BabyScience IVF Clinics was established in August 2020 in Bangalore with a vision to provide affordable and accessible fertility services across the country. Under the able leadership of Dr. Manjunath CS, who has over 16 years of experience in Infertility management and IVF treatment BabyScience, IVF Clinics has established itself in Karnataka with a total of 7 Clinics in Bangalore, Mangalore, Bijapur, and Kolar.

As part of the future expansion plan, BabyScience IVF intends to launch 36 Centres across the country and globally in the next three years.

We are proud to have world-class infrastructure and technologies supported by an expert team of doctors with years of experience in providing fertility treatments to thousands of couples.

BabyScience IVF Clinics Bangalore (Best IVF Clinic in Bangalore)

baby science ivf clinic in bangalore
baby science ivf clinic in bangalore

Do you need support to treat your infertility and parenthood journey? Trust BabyScience IVF Clinics, a leading fertility clinic in Bangalore. Our fertility clinics in Bangalore has all the requisite clinical setups and facilities to treat infertility problems through fertility treatment, including IVF. Whether you are a patient with male infertility or female infertility, our infertility treatment clinic will assist you in your journey of parenthood. 

BabyScience IVF Clinic Koramangala, Bangalore, Best IVF Clinic in Bangalore is one of the best IVF centers in Bangalore. The center is known for its expertise in IVF and other assisted reproductive treatments. It is located in the central part of Bangalore, making it accessible for people in the entire city.

BabyScience IVF Clinic Koramangala offers an ultra-modern IVF facility to couples across the country. We are amongst the best IVF centers in the country. The keystone of BabyScience IVF Clinic is its Best IVF Clinic in Bangalore

  • Clinical excellence
  • Affordable costs
  • State-of-the-art medical procedures
  • Advanced technology & Embryology Lab
  • An ardent team of doctors and fertility experts

Basaveswar Nagar

Kalyan Nagar



BabyScience IVF Clinic Mangaluru (Best ivf Clinic in Magaluru)

BabyScience IVF Clinic Mangaluru1-Best ivf Clinic in Magaluru
BabyScience IVF Clinic Mangaluru

If you’re searching for the best IVF center in Mangaluru offering comprehensive fertility services, and it is Best ivf Clinic in Magaluru trust BabyScience IVF Clinics Mangaluru. The best fertility center in Mangaluru is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and equipment to provide the best fertility services at the most affordable prices. In BabyScience IVF Clinics Mangalore, all infertility treatments are available under a single roof. With uncompromised care and innovations, the center has brought happiness to the lives of thousands of couples. Connect without us without any second thoughts and get the expertise of the best fertility experts in Mangalore.

BabyScience IVF Clinic Vijayapura (Best IVF Clinic in Vijayapura)

BabyScience IVF Clinic Vijayapura-Best IVF Clinic in Vijayapura
BabyScience IVF Clinic Vijayapura

Best IVF Clinic in Vijayapura

BabyScience IVF Clinic Vijayapura is a center of excellence in fertility care with a multidimensional treatment approach accessible to couples seeking fertility treatment in Bijapur and Best IVF Clinic in Vijayapura.

BabyScience IVF Clinic, Kolar (Best IVF Center in Kolar)

BabyScience IVF Clinic Kolar-Best IVF Center in Kolar
BabyScience IVF Clinic Kolar

Baby Science IVF Clinics in Kolar, through its unique infertility treatment model, aims to deliver the best outcome in pregnancy and reproductive services to all the infertile couples in Kolar district. To break the barrier of accessibility and to better the medical outcomes of fertility treatment in couples unable to get pregnant naturally, Baby Science IVF clinics has established a state-of-the-art fertility clinic in Kolar.

Baby Science IVF Clinic and Best IVF Center in Kolar at Kolar is a dedicated Fertility clinic with highly acclaimed IVF specialists with aims to provide safe, ethical and transparent assisted reproductive treatment services.

BabyScience IVF Clinic New Delhi (Best IVF Center in Lajpat Nagar)
BabyScience IVF Clinic New Delhi-Best IVF Center in Lajpat Nagar
BabyScience IVF Clinic New Delhi

Lajpat Nagar is one of the best fertility centers in New Delhi. The center is equipped with advanced infertility treatment technology and world-class infrastructure. Baby Science IVF Clinic provides a wide range of fertility services including but not limited to IVF, IUI, ICSI, PESA, TESA and reproductive genetics. Our expert fertility doctors have taken some of the most extensive training across the world and have performed some of the most complicated fertility procedures.

Now you can avail consultations from the best doctors at Baby Science IVF Clinic in Delhi, Lajpat Nagar.

Baby Science IVF Clinic Lajpuat Nagar and Rajouri Garden

Babyscince IVF Clinic top infertility doctors :

IVF Specialists : Medical Director & Sr. Consultant

Dr. Manjunath CS - Medical Director & Sr. Consultant
Dr. Manjunath CS – Medical Director & Sr. Consultant

Dr. Manjunath CS

Medical Director & Sr. Consultant


Reproductive Medicine


MBBS, MS(OBG),FGE(Fellowship in Gynec Endoscopy – RGHUS)

Additional Qualifications:

Diploma in Regenerative Medicine (Sharad University)

Fields of Experience/ Expertise:

Practicing Infertility Management/Reproductive Medicine from 16 years, Practicing Gynaec Laparoscopic Surgery from past 16 years


English, Kannada, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil

IVF Specialists : Dr Kavya D Sharma -Sr. Consultant

Dr. Kavya D Sharma -Sr. Consultant
Dr. Kavya D Sharma -Sr. Consultant

Dr Kavya is a well-qualified obstetrician and gynecologists’ capable of handling high-risk pregnancies and gynaecological issues, she has been academically brilliant from her graduation and post-graduation days, she keeps herself updated with latest techniques by attending workshops, conferences. Her dedication towards patient care and health has been appreciated by her patients, she has worked as a Sr consultant in various prestigious hospitals across South India. Her area of expertise is high-risk pregnancy and infertility

IVF Specialists : Dr Rashmi Naik N- Sr. Consultant

Dr. Rashmi Naik N - Sr. Consultant
Dr. Rashmi Naik N – Sr. Consultant

Dr. Rashmi Naik N is an Obstetrician and Gynecologist in Mahalakshmipuram, Bangalore and has an experience of 12 years in these fields. Dr. Rashmi Naik N practices at Mahalakshmi Women’s Clinic in Mahalakshmipuram, Bangalore and Kaade Hospital. She completed MBBS from Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute, Bangalore in 2002 and DGO from JJM Medical College , Davangere in 2008.

She is a member of Federation of Obstetric and Gynaecological Societies of India (FOGSI), Bangalore Society of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Karnataka Medical Council and Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists, London (RCOG). Some of the services provided by the doctor are: Tubectomy/Tubal Ligation, Oophorectomy / Ovariectomy / Ovarian Ablation, Hysteroscopy, Allopathy and Hysterectomy etc

IVF Specialists : Dr. Devikarani V – Sr. Consultant

Dr. Devikarani V - Sr. Consultant
Dr. Devikarani V – Sr. Consultant

Dr. Devikarani has over 12 years experience in the field of Obstetrics and gynaecology, High risk Obstetrics, preventive gynaecology, obstetric ultrasound, gynaec laparoscopy and infertility treatments. She completed her MBBS from M. S>Ramaiah Medical College in the year 2005. She completed her DGO from Govt Medical College, Mysore in 2008. Then she did her Diplomate in National Board(DNB) in OBG in 2014. After that she has undergone extensive training in ultrasound, laparoscopy and IVF. She has excellent personal motivation with an ability to work collaboratively in a strong team concept and also independently. She has the ability to adapt effectively to challenging and emegency situations. She has worked in various medical colleges and private institutions

IVF Specialists : Dr Rashi Nayak- Sr. Consultant

VF Specialists : Dr Jyothi S Korbu- Sr. Consultant

Dr. Jyothi S Korbu - Sr. Consultant
Dr. Jyothi S Korbu – Sr. Consultant

Dr. Jyothi S Korbu

Dr. Jyoti Korbu is a Gynecologist and Obstetrician in Bijapur Tajbavadi, Bijapur and has an experience of 22 years in these fields. Dr. Jyoti Korbu practices at Korbu Women’s Care Hospital in Bijapur Tajbavadi, Bijapur. She completed MBBS from B M Patil Medical College Bijapur in 1995 and MS – Obstetrics & Gynaecology from Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Medical College, Jabalpur in 2000.

IVF Specialists : Dr S Naga Jyothi- Sr. Consultant

Dr. S Naga Jyothi - Sr. Consultant, BabyScience IVF Clinics
Dr. S Naga Jyothi – Sr. Consultant

Dr. Naga Jyothi Urs is a Gynecologist,Obstetrician and Infertility Specialist in Mathikere – BEL, Bangalore and has an experience of 26 years in these fields. Dr. Naga Jyothi Urs practices at Ashraya ENT & Women Care Clinic in Mathikere – BEL, Bangalore. She completed MBBS from Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, Belgaum in 1988,DGO from Jagadguru Jayadeva Murugarajendra Medical College (JJMMC) in 1992 and MD – Obstetrics & Gynaecology from Jagadguru Jayadeva Murugarajendra Medical College (JJMMC) in 1993.

She is a member of Bangalore Society of Obstetrics & Gynaecology. Some of the services provided by the doctor are: Child Birth Education,Cervical Cerclage,Mirena (Hormonal Iud),Intra-Uterine Insemination (IUI) and Laparoscopic Surgery etc

IVF Specialists: Dr Anjali Tempe- Sr. Consultant

Dr. Anjali Tempe - Sr. Consultant
Dr. Anjali Tempe – Sr. Consultant

Dr. (Prof.) Anjali Tempe is:

  •  MD, DNB, DGES, AOGD, Obst & Gynaecology.
  •  Director Professor & Head of the Department Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Maulana Azad Medical College.
  •  IVF In charge of ART centre, Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology Maulana Azad Medical College, with interest in IVF Endoscopy, High-Risk Pregnancy.
  •  IVF successfully carrying out since its inception now (10 years).
  •  Teaching experience of 30 years. 
  •  Published more than 50 papers in national & international journals. 
  •  Trained in IVF at Hull, UK; R & R, & other countries.
  •  Published 4 books as editor.

IVF Specialists : Dr. Poonam Mishra – Sr. Consultant

Dr. Poonam Mishra - Sr. Consultant
Dr. Poonam Mishra – Sr. Consultant

Dr Poonam Mishra is a reputed medical professional, specialising in Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Infertility and IVF. She is currently working at Medicover Fertility Pusa Road as Sr IVF Consultant.

She pursued her MBBS and Rotatory Internship from Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Science, Sewagram (Maharashtra). She did her MD in Obstetrics and Gynaecology from Lady Hardinge College & Associated Sucheta Kriplani Hospital, University of Delhi and Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine from Sir Gangaram Hospital, New Delhi. She was also awarded the best outgoing student in super-speciality at Sir Gangaram Hospital. She has written a laudable thesis, under the supervision of Dr Reena Yadav on “the Role of 25 Hydroxy Vitamin D3 in onset of early onset Pre-eclampsia”.

Throughout her Educational Journey, Dr Poonam Mishra had been an exclusive student and the recipient of Silver, Gold and Bronze Medals for various examinations and contests.

Dr Poonam Mishra is understanding, compassionate, and empathetic towards her patient. She supports her patients with the best available information and options of fertility treatments, before carrying any process, while simultaneously respecting their individual values and preferences. Her Experience along with Individualised patient-centric approach has helped countless couples in treating their infertility issues and helping them live their dream of parenthood.


Gaining her expertise in fertility and IVF, Dr Poonam Mishra has to her credit, several research papers and articles published in various National and International journals. Some of them are:

2018: Majumdar A, Mishra P. Management of a Rare Case of Post IVF Triplet Ectopic Pregnancy Post Bilateral Tubal Occlusion.

2017: Majumdar A, Mishra P. Series of 18 Cases of Clomiphene Resistant Anovulatory Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and Altered Response to FSH Stimulation

2016-2017: Project work titled, ‘the efficacy of vitrified day-5 versus day-6 blastocycst in frozen thawed embryo transfer cycle’. Supervisor- Dr Abha Majumdar

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