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Angels fertility Hyderabad II IVF Center in Hyderabad


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Fertility clinic in Hyderabad and DR AYESHA FATIMA, Telangana

Address: 1st floor, west field center, Deluxe Colony, Toli Chowki, Hyderabad, Telangana 500008

At Angels Fertility we are Dedicated to give evidence based Treatment with more focus towards Biological child. Center is pledged to its Core values of integrity, Ethical and Innovation that serves as our center’s foundation. Regardless of your circumstance, our recognized Reproductive Specialist works closely with you to develop a personalized Fertility Treatment plan that is compassionate and competent DR AYESHA FATIMA.

At Angels Fertility every Fertility Treatment plan and is reviewed by our team throughout the process, as this approach provides our patients with a well-coordinated, holistic experience, and the best chances for Pregnancy.

Fertility Treatment and care at Angels is conducted in a state-of-the-art facility with class 10000 labs and under the guidance of Experienced Embryologist, where all your needs are met. This cohesive environment provides the highest quality of care and successful outcomes for patients. From the first day of the consultation throughout the treatment, our goal is to provide the most effective Reproductive Treatment in the most efficient manner possible.

Another reason to choose Angels Fertility Center is its efficient Treatment at Affordable Cost. The Cost of fertility Treatment in other center cause unnecessary stress & burden to the couple; keeping that in view we offer very cost effective Treatment plan to lesser the burden on patients, which also compliments the motive of Angels Team.

Angels Fertility Hyderabad

Angels Fertility offers a wide range of fertility treatments like IVF, IUI, ICSI, etc. Fertility Treatment and care at Angels has conducted in a state-of-the-art facility with class 10000 labs and under the guidance of an Experienced Embryologist, where all your needs are met. This cohesive environment provides the highest quality of care and successful outcomes for patients. Another reason to choose Angels Fertility Center is its efficient Treatment at an Affordable Cost. 

Dr.Sumina Reddy M has done MBBS, MS, DNB, FMAS, FRM. She is a Gold Medalist (Ms- Obgyn 2014). She specializes in Fertility and Reproductive Medicine with an experience of 13 years. She pursued her under-graduation from a renowned Osmania Medical College and post-graduation in OBG from Gandhi Medical College with many academic accolades and highest honors. Later she completed her advanced training in Minimally Invasive Gynecological Surgery and Reproductive Medicine.

Services offered:

  • IVF (In Vitro Fertilization)
  • ICSI Procedure
  • Frozen Embryo Transfer
  • Blastocyst Culture
  • Embryo Freezing
  • TESA
  • M TESA
  • Fertility Preservation
  • Hysteroscopy/ Laparoscopy

IVF Success Rates in Angels Fertility Hyderabad

Success rates are good, particularly for egg donation. The egg donation clinical pregnancy success rate of 2018 was 97.6% and IVF clinical rate was 86.9%. In 2018, the IVF with own eggs clinical pregnancy success rates were:

  • under 35 years old: 78.6%
  • 35-40 years old: 66.7%
  • over 40 years old: 54.4% (with PGD 76.2%)

Frozen embryo clinical pregnancy rate was 56% and embryo donation clinical pregnancy rate was 67.2%. The clinical pregnancy success rate for the ROPA method was 50.14%. Angels Fertility Hyderabad submits their results to the Spanish Fertility Society (SEF) for verification. The recent success rates for 2020 will be published as soon as SEF audits them. In 2018, the multiple birth rate was 2.1%. The clinic’s preferred day of transfer is day 5 of the blastocyst stage DR AYESHA FATIMA.


MBBS (osm), DGO
Diploma in Gynaecology and Obstetrics


Dr. M Gayatri is one of the Best Gynecologist in Hyderabad, Telangana and currently working as a consultant Gynecologist & Obstetrician at Angels Fertility Center.


Masters in Reproductive Medicine


Dr. Ayesha Fatima is one of the Best Fertility Specialist in Hyderabad, Telangana and currently working as a consultant fertility specialist at Angels Fertility Center.



EXPERIENCE – 23+ years


Mr. Mohammed Nissar is a highly experienced and Chief Embryologist in Hyderabad, Telangana. He carries 23 years experience in the field of Embryology in India, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. He was trained in various ART techniques in World renowned centers viz, Bourn Hall Clinic, Cambridge, U.K (ICSI & Cryopereservation), Denmark (PGD Training Denmark), Germany (PGS/Laser Hatching).

During his tenure he has performed more than 20,000 ICSI Procedures, 300+ PGD, and has vast experience in PESA, TESA and Testicular biopsy. His interest involves in quality assessment and quality control of ART labs. He is highly qualified and senior Embryologist in Hyderabad. He has Attended various conferences like ESHRE, ASRM.



Pre Genetic Diagnosis



Testicular Biopsy


He was Trained at Bourn Hal, Cambridge (UK)

ICSI and Cryopreservation (Denmark)

PGD ( Germany)

PGS/ Laser Hatching ( Singapore)


The only Embryologist with enormous experience of done more than 20,000 ICSI cycles so far.

300+ PGDs (Pre Genetic Diagnosis) done.

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