IVF Cost in Georgia

IVF Cost in Georgia
IVF cost in Georgia

IVF Cost In Georgia

In vitro fertilization (IVF), which means “in glass” in Latin, refers to the method of combining eggs and sperm in a Petri dish in a fertility laboratory. Our doctors are constantly evaluating our laboratory and stimulation protocols to confirm that conditions are optimal for successful conception. With a fertilized egg, an embryo is created that Dr. Long can then transfer directly into a healthy uterus. Our patients will have this procedure mcurefertility patner at Brookwood Hospital where our state-of-the-art IVF laboratory is located. If you would like to learn more about IVF, please request a consultation at the Alabama Center for Reproductive Medicine.


For patients with other conditions, fertility specialists may recommend trying a different treatment first and considering IVF as a second-line approach. This plan is often selected because IVF is a complex process and is also the most expensive assisted reproductive technology. IVF can be beneficial for patients with:

Low ovarian reserve



Male factor infertility

Unexplained infertility

Patients may choose to undergo IVF treatment who would not otherwise be able to experience pregnancy or biological parenthood, including those who must use donated sperm or eggs or single mothers by choice.

The woman takes medication in preparation for IVF that stimulates her ovaries to produce mature eggs, which are retrieved surgically. The man provides a sperm sample, either naturally or via surgical aspiration. If male factor infertility is present, the couple may opt to use intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), a form of artificial insemination, or use the sperm of a donor. During the transfer, an embryo is placed into the woman’s uterus, where it will hopefully implant itself in the uterine lining and continue to develop through a full-term pregnancy into a healthy baby.

IVF Cost in Georgia

The Cost of In Vitro Fertilization

Mcurefertility is dedicated to providing our patients with the highest quality treatment at the most affordable cost. Below you will find the estimated fees for IVF treatment at average ivf cost in USA.

The fees below are self-pay case rates, and do not include medications, anesthesia, testing, trial transfer, pregnancy check, OB visits, hyperstimulation checks.

Added embryo storage, year 2 and beyond, is not included in any program.

Treatment*Estimated Cost
Initial Consult$234 – $360
IVF Cycle w/ Fresh Embryo Transfer$15,010
IVF Freeze All Embryos Cycle$10,610
IVF Freeze All Embryos Cycle w/ Biopsy, CCS/PGT-A$14,090 – $14,890
Frozen Embryo Transfer Cycle$4,400
Freeze All Embryos w/ Frozen Anonymous Donor Eggs, Biopsy & CCS/PGT-A$18,924 – $19,374
Freeze All Embryos w/ Frozen Anonymous Donor Eggs$15,444 – $15,894
The Cost of In Vitro Fertilization

Factors That Can Impact The Cost of IVF

At mcurefertiltiy, we strongly believe in an individualized approach to patient care. Our physicians work with each patient to develop a personalized treatment plan. These varying treatment plans indicate that cost can differ from patient to patient. Once your personalized treatment plan has been established, your designated Mcurefertility Financial Representative will contact you to provide you with a detailed cost estimate and out-of-pocket IVF treatment costs.

A great option to help pay for treatment is Future Family. They offer flexible financing options, including 0% APR to low monthly payment plans*, that allow you to pay over 3 to 60 months. Future Family financing is also a smart alternative to high-interest credit cards. Prequalifying is easy, and won’t affect your credit score.

Cost of IVF in Georgia
Cost of IVF in Georgia

When you choose to complete an IVF with Surrogacy program in Georgia, you have two options:

1. You can choose to stay in Georgia for the entire duration of your stimulation process. The parent-to-be will need to arrive in Georgia on day two of her menses and stay for the duration of the stimulation (12 to 14 days) until her eggs have been picked up.

2. New Life partners with IVF doctors in virtually every country that can help you with stimulation, so, for a shorter stay in Georgia (only four to five days), you can start treatment in your home location. Then, the mother-to-be only needs to arrive in Georgia on day eight or nine of her stimulation and stay in the country for five days until the eggs are picked up.

Note: Male partners are required to stay in Georgia only for two days to deposit sperm and sign the required paperwork. This can also be done distantly via sending frozen sperm samples with the help of IVF courier company.


What tests are required?

From the Female Partner : Hormonal Tests, Infectious diseases Tests, Full Blood Count, Blood Group

From the Male Partner: Infectious diseases Tests, Sperm Analysis Test

Please contact New Life’s IVF Coordinator for a more detailed list.

Can the tests be performed in Georgia?

If you are visiting Georgia for self cycle Surrogacy, tests should be sent in advance for proper planning and preparation. Test results should be current (no more than six months old).

What medications will I take, and how much do they cost?

Your medication and dosage are determined based on your hormonal test results, so the cost of these medications is dependent on your individual situation. You may be prescribed the following:

Folic Acid-to prevent major birth defects.

Hormonal Injections-to develop multiple follicles in order to obtain enough eggs for the IVF procedure. These hormones are self-injected or injected by our nurse.

Pessary- to deliver progesterone in preparation for the uterus to receive and maintain a fertilized egg.

For more information about medications and costs, please contact New Life’s IVF Coordinator.

How many embryos are transferred?

Georgia has no restrictions on the number of embryos that may be transferred. At New Life, we generally recommend the transfer of two embryos, but the decision is made based on your personal preference. We will transfer only one embryo if you wish to avoid having twins, or two embryos maximum.

When will I find out if I am pregnant?

You can perform a beta-hCG blood test to measure the level of hCG (a hormone produced during pregnancy) present in your blood 12 days following embryo transfer.

What is the success rate of IVF treatment?

The success of your IVF treatment depends on your personal situation. Age, genetics, sperm and egg quality, and the number of embryos transferred can all have an impact on the success of your procedure. At New Life, we do everything in our power to achieve the highest success rates possible and typically see an 80 percent success rate for surrogacy and egg donation; however, this rate varies for self-cycle surrogacy cases.

IVF Insurance Coverage in Georgia

When couples face infertility, one of their biggest concerns is often the cost of fertility treatments like IUI and IVF. Georgia is not one of the 17 states that mandates insurance coverage for infertility treatments, however your insurance may still cover some treatment based on your individual plan and your specific treatment needs. 

The cost for one cycle of IUI can cost over $4,000, and a for a cycle of IVF, the cost increases to up to $60,000 depending on patient needs. The good news is that many insurance companies cover at least some of the cost of fertility treatments. In fact, in 17 states, insurance coverage for fertility treatments are mandated by law. Infertility insurance coverage varies by state and depends on your personal insurance plan.

Typically, coverage is only available when you have met certain infertility criteria, like having a doctor’s note that show you’ve been trying to conceive unsuccessfully for 12 months if you’re under the age of 35 and for six months if you are over 35.

Regardless of what your insurance plan says, be sure to talk to your doctor about cost and reach out to your insurance company to find out the specifics of your plan.

Need Help with IVF cost in Georgia?

Since IVF isn’t covered in many plans, couples often have to pay for IVF on their own, out-of-pocket. If the patient is between 21 and 44 years of age, diagnostic tests and any surgery related to infertility are covered.

IVF cost per cycle in Georgia
The average cost of IVF in Georgia is $12k
 for a standard IVF cycle without medication. The IVF cost breakdown in Georgia depends on where you go to receive treatment.

IVF Medication cost in Georgia

The cost of IVF medication ranges from as low as $50 all the way up to as much as $4,000. The cost depends on which medications are prescribed and how often you need to take them.

How much is IVF with donor eggs in Georgia?

Donor egg services cost around $16,000 if the donor is known. If the donor is anonymous, services start around $26,000, which includes screening and donor payment.

How much is PGS and PGD testing in Georgia?

The average cost of PGS and PGD testing is around $3,500. It does vary by clinic, as some clinics package the screening tests as part of their total IVF cost. Be sure to ask your clinic about additional fees associated with PGS and PGD testing Georgia.

IVF Financing Options in Georgia

The high cost of IVF can feel intimidating for couples who are seeking treatment for infertility.

If you do not have health insurance or your insurance plan doesn’t cover IVF, you still have some options to pay for IVF. Many fertility clinics offer financing for IVF, and some banks offer personal loan options for IVF treatments.

Talk to your clinic’s office or business manager to find out what financing options they offer. You can also reach out to your bank to find out what kind of personal loans you qualify for to use towards IVF treatment.

IVF Cost Factors in Georgia

The cost of IVF can seem overwhelming at first. The cost of a single cycle can vary depending on your specific fertility issue, and whether or not you need a variety of medications during your IVF cycles.

Cost can also vary by number of cycles as many clinics offer discounts after your first IVF cycle. Not every fertility clinic charges the same amount for treatment, so you should get a quote from your clinic before you begin treatment.

If the quote seems high, you should feel comfortable reaching out to other clinics to find out what their costs are. Be sure to find out what the quote includes. You’ll want to know ahead of time if there will be additional costs for medications, ongoing blood work, or storage for frozen embryos.

Natural IVF Cycles and Packages

Natural IVF is a holistic approach requiring no injectable medication. We offer a single cycle, as well as a 3-cycle package. There is a discount on the biopsy for preimplantation genetic testing (PGT) in the 3-cycle package. Please inquire here to learn more about our special pricing.

Mini Stim IVF Cycles & Packages

Mini Stim’s minimal approach to medication makes this low-cost approach appealing for many reasons. We offer a single cycle price of $8,650. Most patients choose our 3-cycle package for up to three egg retrievals which includes a discount on the biopsy for preimplantation genetic testing (PGT). Please inquire here to learn more about our special pricing.

Optimal IVF

At Mcurefertility, it is our experience that individualizing IVF cycles leads to better results.  Sometimes a patient needs more medication than what is used in a minimal stimulation cycle, and we call that approach “Optimal IVF.” An Optimal IVF cycle at Mcurefertility includes coordination of the cycle, ultrasounds, blood testing, egg retrieval, ICSI, assisted hatching (when needed), and embryo transfer. All laboratory services are included. Our price for a frozen IVF cycle includes three months of cryopreservation and embryo storage. There are no hidden fees; we are transparent about cost.

Cost of Medication

The low cost of medication for Natural IVF and Mini Stim IVF is a large part of why so many people elect this route. The cost of medication for Natural IVF averages $500, and the average cost for Mini Stim IVF is $2,000. The cost of medication for Optimal IVF averages $4,000.

Our team can help you navigate ways to apply for discounts on IVF medicine. Below are a few of the programs our patients find helpful.

Compassionate Care Program
The Compassionate Care Program by EMD Serono provides significant savings on IVF medication for eligible patients. Our patients frequently save 25% and up to 75% off the self-pay price for certain EMD Serono products. They also offer a rebate program where eligible patients can receive a discount through a rebate. See medication discounts here.

Fertility Insurance Coverage
Fertility Insurance Coverage

fertility Insurance Coverage

As a low-cost fertility center, we do not take insurance. Please call our office for more information about paying for your treatment.

We are passionate about offering affordable prices for our patients to manage their fertility financing. We look forward to helping you.

Why is IVF so expensive at some fertility clinics?

Conventional IVF is a complex procedure involving lab tests, advanced technologies, and hormone medications, all of which can add up to a high price point. There are also additional services, such as ICSI and PGT, which can increase the overall cost. Furthermore, many patients need to undergo more than one cycle of IVF before successfully getting pregnant.

Does Georgia Medicaid cover IVF?

Conventional IVF is a complex procedure involving lab tests, advanced technologies, and hormone medications, all of which can add up to a high price point. There are also additional services, such as ICSI and PGT, which can increase the overall cost. Furthermore, many patients need to undergo more than one cycle of IVF before successfully getting pregnant.

Affiliated Insurance Carriers: Fertility Testing & Treatment

  • Aetna** HMO, PPO and POS (RBA is a Center of Excellence)
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield**
  • First Health*
  • Kaiser (if your plan has with infertility treatment coverage)
  • Principal South Care
  • Private Healthcare System (PHCS)*
  • Progyny (must provide primary insurance as well)
  • United Healthcare (RBA is a Center of Excellence)

*Please note regarding First Health & PHCS: RBA physicians are in network with these plans; however our Ambulatory Surgery Center is out of network.

RBA is NOT Contracted with the following insurance plans, which means any patients with these insurance plans will be self-pay for all services.

  • **Aetna with Premier Care Network & Premier Care Network Plus
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield with Blue Essentials
  • Cigna through Multiplan
  • Humana
  • Ambetter
  • Medicaid, Medicare, Tricare (see below)
Top 10 Best IVF Centre in Georgia
Top 10 Best IVF Centre in Georgia

Here you can find the list of Top 10 Best Low-cost IVF Centres in Georgia USA with IVF packages, Success Rates, Services & working fertility specialists in Georgia USA. The best Low-cost IVF Centres in Georgia USA are chosen based on IVF success rates in Georgia USA treatment quality, patient’s opinion, doctor’s qualification, and location accessibility:

Emory Reproductive Center, Georgia (Low-cost IVF Centre in Georgia)

Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine, Georgia (Low-cost IVF Centre in Georgia)

The Fertility Center of Charleston Savannah, Georgia (Low-cost IVF Centre in Georgia)

Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine, Georgia (Low-cost IVF Centre in Georgia)

Georgia Center for Reproductive Medicine, Georgia (Low-cost IVF Centre in Georgia)

Columbus Center for Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility, Georgia (Low-cost IVF Centre in Georgia)

Servy Massey Fertility Institute, Georgia (Low-cost IVF Centre in Georgia)

Aspire Fertility, Georgia (Low-cost IVF Centre in Georgia)

Reproductive Biology Associates, Georgia (Low-cost IVF Centre in Georgia)

Shady Grove Fertility, Georgia (Low-cost IVF Centre in Georgia)

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