The Cost of IVF in Los Angeles California

The Cost of IVF in California
The Cost of IVF in California

The Cost of IVF in California II The Cost of IVF in Los Angeles California

On average, the cost of ivf in California and los angeles to have IVF treatment done in California across major cities ranges between $8,000 to $13,000 for one IVF cycle without the medication. California state requires insurance companies to have some form of coverage for intended parents looking to take part in infertility treatment. However, California doesn’t extend this law to IVF treatments.

What goes into IVF costs II Cost of IVF in Los Angeles

At a minimum, intended parents will have to cover the cost of the IVF treatment cycle. This includes the cost of ultrasounds, blood tests, egg retrieval, lab fees, embryo transfer, cryopreservation of viable embryos, and one year of embryo storage fees. 

However, for intended parents using third-party IVF treatments, your costs will be significantly higher and can range from $14,000 to $46,000. Depending on whether or not you’re using a surrogate and egg donor, you can participate in the “Unlimited IVF until live birth” package. This ensures that you’ll walk home with a new family member, regardless of how many egg retrievals, embryo transfers, and ultrasounds you may require. 

We want to make the cost of IVF treatment as affordable as possible for all of our intended parents, so we offer The Access Plan, a discount program based on income. All intended parents may apply to receive a discount on qualifying services. We offer three discount levels: 15%, 25% and 50% off.

The cost of egg retrievals [IVF] in California II Cost of IVF in Los Angeles

Depending on if you’re using conventional IVF with your own eggs and sperm, or if you’re using an egg donor, your egg retrieval costs during IVF will vary. However, most IVF clinics do not explicitly offer just an egg retrieval — rather, you can purchase the service through a package that includes other necessary parts such as ultrasounds, fertilization, or more. 

Depending on next steps after the procedure, an intended parent undergoing the egg retrieval procedure herself can expect to pay anywhere from $7,000 to $22,000. This range may be lower with insurance coverage. Your fertility clinic may offer different pricing packages by volume of services purchased, so talk to your fertility doctor and financial coordinator about what packages are best for you.

At PFCLA, you can access one, two or three cycles, with pricing discounts offered when you choose more than one cycle upfront. You can also decide if you’d like to freeze your eggs after the retrieval or fertilize the eggs and freeze the embryos for a later time

cost of ivf in los angeles
cost of ivf in los angeles

How much does an egg donor cost in USA? Cost of IVF in Los Angeles

If you’re using an egg donor for your fertility journey, her egg retrieval will be more expensive due to the additional coordination, testing, and treatment required. Aside from the base egg donor compensation package (around $8,000 in California), you can purchase IVF plans with one egg retrieval, multiple egg retrievals, unlimited transfers, or unlimited egg retrievals until live birth. The cost of these programs range from $25,000 to $46,000, and these prices are significantly discounted as patients purchase additional cycles and transfers. 

However, remember that daily is priceless – and so is peace of mind – so when you’re undergoing egg retrievals for your IVF cycle, make sure you’re picking the financial package that will best align with your unique goals and desires. 

The cost of fertility medications in USA II Cost of IVF in Los Angeles

The cost of fertility medications is not typically included in your IVF cycle payments, unless working with an egg donor and/or surrogate, and you may need to purchase those with or without insurance coverage. Patients typically spend around $4,000 to $6,000 on fertility medication, and these may be covered by insurance. 

Depending on the amount of medication required, these medications can increase the cost of treatment. At Pacific Fertility Center Los Angeles, we offer three types of IVF, all of which need different medication amounts.

Insurances covering IVF in Cost of IVF in Los Angeles

Unlike some other states in the US, California does not mandate your health insurance company to cover in vitro fertilization. While this is disappointing, there are health insurances that cover ivf costs in California voluntarily. However, these benefits are paid by employers who desire to provide additional benefits to their employees. Thus, IVF health insurance coverage in California is available through employer-sponsored health insurance plans and generally cannot be obtained through individual health coverage.

Individual Health Plan Coverage for IVF in Cost of IVF in Los Angeles

So far, we are not aware of any individual health plans that can be purchased on the ACA marketplace that cover in-vitro fertilization in California. This is not surprising, since in vitro fertilization coverage would increase the expense of health insurance. Affordable health insurance typically never cover advanced fertility services. While this affects a minority of members experiencing fertility problems, a majority of other insured members will benefit from lower monthly premiums. If you live in California the only option to purchase individual coverage for in vitro fertilization is to move to a state that mandates every insurance to cover fertility services. Another alternative would be to prove that IVF is medically necessary, for example due to a severe genetic condition. Low sperm count or blocked fallopian tubes will generally not qualify for those exceptions. One of our patients – a fragile X carrier – was able to obtain medical necessity determination by the California Department of Insurance, thus forcing the insurance company to pay for advanced fertility treatments including implantation genetic diagnosis.

Self-pay IVF treatment

So the bottom line is that the majority of Californians will have no IVF coverage. You will be considered a self pay or “cash patient”. Cash patient in no way means you have to pay cash, but is a term used in medical billing when a patient does not have any insurance for the specific assisted reproductive technologies.Therefore, the cost will be a major issue in your fertility treatment. Advanced fertility services require a team of professionals with special licenses and permits utilizing cutting-edge biotechnology. It should be no surprise that fertility centers provide such medical services come with a high price tag. For some patients those costs can present a considerable obstacle in proceeding with in vitro fertilization treatment.

IVF Grants and cost-sharing

From time to time, fertility product manufacturers provide grants to patients testing new fertility drugs or products that can offset their in vitro fertilization treatment costs. Other arrangements like donating some of the woman’s eggs while keeping some for on fertility treatment can provide cost free in vitro fertilization. Please call us if you’re interested in any of these options.

Typical cost of IVF

A mini IVF cycle in Los Angeles typically costs about $8700. A conventional basic IVF cycle starts at $12.000 including all professional office visits and laboratory fees. While some fertility clinics advertise cheaper IVF prices, those clinics typically do not include all necessary services like ICSI, assisted hatching, hormone levels or pregnancy tests. (this is a price estimate, which may not be exact fact and may change on an individual basis).Conventional IVF treatment requires injectable fertility medications that range between $2000-$4000. Fortunately, medication manufacturers offer discounts up to 75% based on individual circumstances. A frozen embryo transfer treatment plan begins at about $4500.The least expensive option is to perform a fresh embryo transfer directly after egg retrieval. This will avoid the need for an additional frozen embryo transfer. These prices are estimates and we cannot guarantee them.The least expensive option is to perform a fresh embryo transfer directly after egg retrieval. This will avoid the need for an additional frozen embryo transfer.Other optional services include preimplantation genetic screening of the embryo. This will detect chromosomal anomalies prior to implantation. While this greatly improves your success rates, it increases the cost of treatment.Utilizing help from a third party, in example an egg donor will significantly increase your treatment costs.Your fertility specialist will discuss what is the most appropriate option for your age.

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